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Mountain Gypsy Studios

Elain Hansard - Bronze Visionary

Where it all began

Having grown up in Bozeman, Montana I have always had a love of nature. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing animals. What started with making horses out of Sculpey as a child, has progressed to making Bronze Sculptures inspired by Fantasy, Mythology, not to mention classic Western themes. I am continuously striving to perfect my work to give each piece a life of its own, bringing these fanciful creatures into reality. Living in Bozeman helps me keep my imagination alive with an ever growing passion for creating, inspired by the beauty around me.

How Do You Create Your Work?

All of my bronze art is first sculpted out of either wax or clay. My method has typically been to build everything up from the bone, muscle, to skin, using a wire armature and an oil based clay.  From there I cast it into bronze using the lost wax technique.

All of my bronze work is handcrafted here in Montana and Mountain Gypsy Studios is a proud member of Made In Montana.

Where Can We Find You, Elaine Hansard?

Elaine Hansard currently resides in Bozeman, MT where she crafts her amazing bronze artworks. Aside from her intense passion for sculpting, she can also be found frolicking in the woods with her son Evan, as well as their cherished fur-babies, Kymo, Jim, and Dodger. Elaine's nationally recognized handiwork can be found at the following places below.

  • Lockhorn Cider House | Bozeman, MT
  • (Occasionally) Bogert Park Summer Farmer's Market | Bozeman, MT
  • Bozeman Saturday Farmer's Market | Bozeman, MT
  • Previously in Primary Elements Gallery | Canon Beach, OR